Posted on: December 12, 2009 10:42 pm

Daily Gator #6 12/12/09 Yeah Whatever

Out of the 5 finalists for the Heisman Trophy my choices went in this order:

Tebow- Check out Username, nuff said
Suh - wouldve loved to see an all defensive guy win it
McCoy - to complete the big 3, Tebow Bradford and Colt
Gerhart - didnt feel he earned it until the end of the year but he was a stud and very easily couldve won
Ingram - What a shock, my last choice wins

Now i knew Tebow didnt really have a snowballs chance in Hel* of winning the He15man but I can be hopeful. Tebow started the Sophomore tradition so he still means the most! Congrats to Ingram and I cant wait to see you in Tuscaloosa next year. I can hear the jaws music already.

Go Gators!
Posted on: December 11, 2009 7:25 am

Daily Gator #5 12/11/09 My CFB Awards

Here are My CFB awards

Best QB: Case Keenum   I would love to give this to Colt McCoy or even better, Tim Tebow but neither were as good pure passers as Keenum.
Best RB: Mark Ingram     As much a I truly hate him, he was the best all around RB this year. Gerhart picked up at the end but wasnt better then Ingram and Spiller slowed down dramatically towards the end of the year.
Best WR: Golden Tate***    I feel bad for this kid. He has ridiculous talent but is on a crappy team with a lot of controversy. Good thing he's going pro.
Best TE: Aaron Hernandez   In the beginning of the year Jermaine Gresham was the obvious choice but he got hurt, Hernandez dominated, and earned this award
*** Honorable Mention - Jordan Shipley
OPOY: Colt McCoy   He was the most dominant player on 1 of the most dominant teams.

Tomorrow: Defense
Posted on: December 10, 2009 7:23 am

Daily Gator #4 12/9/09 Skankees

I am gonna start NFL Wrapup next week...

The Yankees have aquired yet another superstar this week in Curtis Granderson. In my humble opinion the Yankees arent even good enough. If they have an endless bank account, which they do, why shouldn't they have they perfect team. They can acquire whatever they want. To me, a Marlins fan, thats BS. The Marlins are in the bottom 5 for payroll and contend for the playoffs yearly. The Rays also have a bottom 5 payroll and played in the WS 2 years ago. Does baseball need a salary cap, clearly. Will the Skankees buy more superstars for their team, clearly. I wish their was a cap, it would even the games out. But, since the Yankees practically own the entire league, especially the Umpires, we'll never see one. Ah Well

Go Marlins!!!
Posted on: December 8, 2009 10:04 pm

Daily Gator #3 12/8/09 The End of an Era

Its finally over. Charlie Strong will be announced as the Louisville head coach sometime wednesday. Charlie Strong is the current defensive coordinator of the sugar bowl bound Florida Gators. He has been the D-Coordinator for a long tome and it is shocking that this is his first true offer. Call it racism, call it lack of talent recognition, call it whatever you like it is still surprising. Regardless of all that, good luck to him and he will be missed. It will, however, be easier to root for him than SEC rival Mississippi State who is coached by former O-Coordinator Dan Mullen or bigger SEC Rival South Carolina coached by former coaching king, Steve Spurrier.

Good Luck Charlie and Go Gators!!!

NFL Wrapup; this is the third day i have predicted i will do this. I think it will become a Wednesday thing.
Posted on: December 7, 2009 9:04 pm

Daily Gator #2 12/7/09 Good Luck Brian Kelly

Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen are forgoing their senior years to play in the NFL. Notre Dame was already a declining program. Cincy faces UF in the Sugar Bowl on New Years Day and they may be without coach Brian Kelly because he is being interviewed for the Notre Dame job and if he accepts, he may not coach the Bearcats in their bowl game. Why, I ask you Mr. Kelly, would you leave a Cincinnati program on the rise for a declining Notre Dame program who is losing a top QB and top WR in the country to the NFL. Not a good choice.

Tomorrow(subject to change) :
NFL Wrapup (this time for real)
Posted on: December 6, 2009 10:50 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2009 10:51 pm

Letdown. 12/6/09 #1

That's the only word I can use to describe the ending to the Florida Gators season. We have become so spoiled that a Sugar Bowl berth isnt good enough. Congrats to Alabama and Texas. Will we beat Cincy, probably. But still, it isnt good enough. If Texas Routs Bama and We rout Cincy and we finish in the final poll #2, it wont be good enough. Tebow isnt going to win the Heisman so, even though he has an argument, he isnt oficially the GOAT. No NC Win, No Heisman. Thats what it takes to be a good season. Imagine how a team like Boston College feels. A BCS berth to them would be unforgettable and unbelievable. To tUF it isnt good enough. Tebow will go out a winner but not #1. And that SUCKS!

Tomorrow (subject to change):
NFL Wrapup

Posted on: September 5, 2009 6:44 pm

Get Up and Go!! #1 Charleston S. Preview 9/5/09

Who is ready for the Florida Gators football season to kick-off???? I know i am!!. Too bad we have to wait 2 more weeks (3 if you count the pounding Tebow is gonna put on Lane Kiffin's Vols) Today we are playing Charleston Southern but, with our offense, it might as well be the St. Mary's School for Underprivleged Children in the 3rd Grade! If you wanted to see Tim Tebow start his potential Heisman winning season... buckle in becuase he isnt gonna play past halftime. if you are a John Brantley fan... great because he is gonna play more in the next two weeks (against CSOU and Troy) then the rest of the season combined. I almost have to feel bad for him. He is a Peyton Manning / Tom Brady style QB who would be a starter anywhere else in the country and as a freshman and sophomore, backed up the Nation's best player in the Country's most prolific offense. I would love to see Cam Newton who was a Tebowesque qb with a lot of the same talents but, like any other young, stupid college student, he got a huge head and stole a students laptop and Urban the Enforcer gave him the boot. I really wanted to see Andre DeBose debut tonight but alas, he went down withg a Hammy issue and may need surgery* DeBose is supposed to be our Percy Harvin replacment. Instead, we are gonna run a "Percy By Commitee" with necesarry contributions from the likes of Aaron Hernandez - the Country's top TE this week with Oklahoma's beast Jermaine Gresham hurt, Brandon James - The stud kick / punt reurner who will catch passes and be a reliable runner, Emmanuel Moody - the strong and speedy RB who made a poor impression early last year and got hurt, a transfer from USC with a ton of skill and more importanly, potential, Jeff Demps - The powerful and un-catchable speed demon RB, Chris Rainey - The RB who is faster then Demps, David Nelson - a Senior WR who finally got looks last year and will get even more this year, Riley Cooper - The likely replacment to Louis Murphy, a reliable pass catcher and Tim Tebow's roommate, and finally the WR tandem of Carl Moore and Deonte Thomspon- two guys likely to get a lot of looks trying to replace Percy and Murphy. Oh and there is this little thinbg about returning two deep on defense. That is 22 guys returning from a NC winning season. How can you stop that??? Sorry if you were expecting a game tonight because you arent getting what you wished for. We are gonna pound the Bucs. Simple as that.

Gators - no less than 60
Bucs - No more than 14

Gators - 66
Bucs - 10

It is finally here!!!
Gator Football
Go Gators!!
Tebow for He15Man!!!
Posted on: August 31, 2009 7:02 pm

Fish Frenzy - #3 - 8/31/09

Episode three of my weekly State of the Marlins Address - Fish Frenzy.

I believe I left off last week with a close finish vs. the Braves, which we lost and ended up losing 2 of 3 to them. That has seemingly become a pattern, winning the 1st and dropping the next 2. Rather sickening if you ask me. From Braves to Mets, who have lost so many players that when another goes down it is almost humorous even though it shouldnt be. When Johan Santana went down for the year right before a start against us, it seemed to brighten the mood for the whole series. We took the first two. Game 1 Recap: Sean West, trying to hold his rotation spot, has been pitching well and did so again getting the win and improving to 5-5. Chris Coghlan stayed solid and Ross Gload had a very good game at the 1B position helping to replace the injured Nick Johnson which is very depressing because of how well he was playing and how nicely he fit into the 2nd spot of our batting lineup. Leo Nunez pitched a perfect 9th to get his 15th save in a 2-1 win. Game 2 Recap: When Josh Johnson is on the hill, losing becomes a challenge. Solid pitching from JJ again led to a win and he is 13-3 on the year. Great hitting by Dan Uggla and Ronny Paulino among others led to a 5-3 win and Leo Nunez's 16th save. Game 3 Recap: We just cant hold momentum can we, Anibal Sanchez didnt look good at all in his 2nd start since coming back and we lost this one 10-3. Chris Coghlan is trying to solidify the NL Rookie of the Year award and rocked two solo shots and Uggla hit a 3rd to total our 3 runs on the night. That was a bad game and one we should try to forget going into the struggling Padres.... So Much for that! Game 1 Recap: Chris Volstad was our second most reliable pitcher and, after a 51 pitch, 6 run, 1 2/3 inning start, is headed to the Minors. Just saying that probably hinted that we played poor again. The Other Chris.... Coghlan was, yet again hot and went 3-5 with a double. When we are required to blow 5 BP pitchers just to lose 9-5 is a bad thing. Game 2 Recap: 3 in a row, we couldnt! We did! We have cooled off and stopped showing a necessary want to win the Wild Card or division. Nolasco came out with an average start and a consistently awful Luis Ayala is charged with the loss and we lose another 7-4. This isnt the Rockies, Giants, Phillies folks. This is the Padres and they have consistently been bad all year and we lost 2 of 3 to them. Game 3 Recap: Having to have a 5 run inning to beat the Friars isnt really impressive but we pulled it off by good, clutch hitting from Coghlan, Cody Ross and John Baker. Sean West stayed hot and got the win as we took the third and our first from the Padres. Now we head into a 4 game series with the Braves who have given us fits all year. Lets see what we can do and JJ will, with any luck, start strong as he is on the hill tonight against Kenshin Kawakami who has been far from good. Maybe this time we will win the first and not lose the rest and will manage to win some critical games??? Well Away we go... lets do this

Go Fish!!!
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